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Top Five Tuesday — Top Five “This Is My Favorite Song EVER” Through The Years

Here’s my life in music as defined by what I had decided was “the greatest song ever” at the different ages in my life. read more

When A Song Means The Opposite Of What It Says

Bruce Springsteen’s “We Take Care Of Our Own” has all the hallmarks of an American rock anthem: pulsing beat, churning guitar riff (with just a hint of keyboards behind it), and feel-good chorus: read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Times Sports Have Made Me Sad

Last week in the wake of Julie’s post-Super Bowl euphoria, I posted about the top five times sports have made me genuinely happy. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Play-By-Play Broadcasters

The role of a play-by-play announcer in a sports broadcast is a delicate one. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Coaches

Joe Paterno’s death this past Sunday got me thinking about coaches and coaching (which is probably better than a lot of the other things you could think about JoePa, Penn State, and football culture over the last couple of months). read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Tennis Books

In honor of this year’s Australian Open, I’m devoting this week’s Top Five list to tennis, the sport that will not let me go. read more

Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Dinners

A lot of you know that my wife Julie has a good job in the medical field. She travels, she sells, she manages, and she motivates. read more