Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Dinners

A lot of you know that my wife Julie has a good job in the medical field. She travels, she sells, she manages, and she motivates.

And yet when she’s home she cooks. Very well. These days, just for the two of us.

So here are my Top Five Dinners. If you are reading this in the morning, you’ll just have to wait.

5. Pork Loin. This is a new addition to the list, but the combination of pork and fruit (apples in particular) is superb.

4. Meat Loaf With Mashed Potato. But the meat loaf must be seasoned with Heinz 57. Must.

3. Chicken parmesan. All of us have an inner Italian. This dish speaks to mine.

2. Steak & Baked Potato. Of course. And potato has no “e” at the end.

1. Chicken puff pastry with rice. An unbelievably good dish that combines roasted chicken, fig preserves, and croissant into a true ambrosia.