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Come Alive: Conversations with Scripture is a guide through the books of the Bible, providing cultural context and insights that bridge the gap between the world of the Bible and our world today.

Each book will help you reflect on the text and build the skills to read the Bible for yourself with more confidence and understanding. Talbot's goal is to make the Bible seem less odd & strange and more wondrous and fascinating.

Discover a new and unexpected way to engage with Scripture and experience the Bible not as a distant, confusing document, but as a living, breathing conversation between God and humanity that continues to speak into our ever-changing world.

Volume 6: Ruth, Esther and Jonah

 Ruth, Esther, and Jonah are some of our most loved Bible stories – the tales of many childhoods, the content of Sunday School felt boards.

But there is more to these famous Bible stories than meets the eye. When read through a grown-up lens, we discover they’re far grittier, wittier, and wiser than expected.

Come Alive: Ruth, Esther, and Jonah will help you uncover what is really happening in these stories – the real, the raw, and the at times shocking details – and their significance in the larger narrative of Scripture.


 Volume 5: Ecclesiastes

 Like a great song or piece of art, Ecclesiastes speaks to the range of human experience and emotion, reminds us we’re not alone, and proves that wisdom can be found even in the darkest of places. 

 The fact that God inspired a book written in the middle of depression and despair reveals His great love for us: He is secure enough for our questions and compassionately meets us in our pain.

Ultimately, Ecclesiastes leaves us with hope that there is a purpose to every season, that life has meaning beyond our passions and attachments, and that everything is made beautiful in its time.


Volume 4: Philippians & Colossians

Set against the backdrop of the Roman world, Come Alive: Philippians and Colossians invites you into the real-life drama of the early church, clarifies your thinking about who you are and who Jesus is and reminds you of the supreme joy of knowing Him: the Son of God and the only authority in heaven and on earth.

Two of Paul’s shorter letters, Galatians and Ephesians pack a big punch with a beautiful message of unity and life in Christ that intersects powerfully with our lives today.


Volume 3: Proverbs

End the cycle of crisis management and set your life in the direction of wisdom, peace, and joy.

Don’t navigate the pitfalls of life alone. Proverbs, a timeless collection of timely wisdom, will help you move from crisis management to crisis prevention – saving you from self-inflicted heartache and drama and showing you how to live with true peace.


Volume 2: Galatians & Ephesians

In Come Alive: Galatians & Ephesians, we meet two messy church communities trying to work through uncertainty, crisis, and division – a situation that hits close to home today. Discover how Paul guides these communities through differences in social class, religious background, and ethnicity and unites them around the simple, grace-filled message of the Gospel.

Two of Paul’s shorter letters, Galatians and Ephesians pack a big punch with a beautiful message of unity and life in Christ that intersects powerfully with our lives today.



Volume 1: Matthew

Matthew betrayed his own people for money—then was called and transformed by Jesus. This Jewish tax collector, who worked for the oppressor Romans, gives a detailed account of the life of Jesus through the lens of Jewish history and prophecy. More than any other Gospel writer, Matthew documents the actual words of Jesus and connects everything Jesus said and did to the promises about the Messiah. Through this interactive guide through the book of Matthew, you will gain a new appreciation for both Matthew’s literary genius and how he invites you into the unfolding story of God and humanity.

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