Category: Good Shepherd

What I Learned From A Rabbi

Years ago, when preparing for a series called “Christianity & The Religions Of The World,” I had an interview with a local rabbi. read more

Courageous Launch

At Good Shepherd, we believe that a living relationship with Jesus Christ begins at home. read more

You Can Now Watch The WHOLE THING

We’ve recently expanded our camera system, upgraded our projection program, and increased the licensing fees we pay so that we can broadcast lyrics and music over the internet. read more

A Double Revelation

Yesterday’s message at church had this as the one point: read more

Down To Earth Week 3 — Monday On A Sunday

The Apostles Creed states that Jesus “ascended into heaven and sitteth at the right hand of God the Father Almighty.” read more

Down To Earth, Week 2 — Steady As She Goes

Down To Earth moves to its second week with a message I simply can’t wait to deliver: Steady As She Goes. read more

Grace, Week 2: We HAVE Been There 10,000 Years

But For The Grace Of God got off to a terrific start last Sunday with well over 100 adults, teens, and children receiving God’s grace in a decisive way for the first time. read more