A Double Revelation

Yesterday’s message at church had this as the one point:

Worship is our RESPONSE to the REVELATION of who God is.

So that was one “revelation” on Sunday … that the more you are aware of the character, love, and forgiveness of God, the more you respond with sponateous acts of worship.

Those acts of worship may include singing, serving, or, as in the case of the message’s lead character from Luke 7:36-50, anointing the soles of Jesus’ feet with perfume.

But the second revelation on Sunday was WHO delivered the message: Chris Macedo, our Pastor of Worship Arts.

Now Chris has been here almost five years, and in that time I’ve learned that he can sing. He can strum a relentless rhythm guitar. He can play the keyboards in ways that are both subtle and bold. He can drum. He can design and produce videos. He can engineer lighting cues. He can lead a band to play in ways that are unified and seamless. He can call out praise from a worship leading choir. He can understand and live out our staff mantra that “the most important part of your job is not your job . . . it’s helping us be the best team we can be.” I knew he could do all of that.

But I never knew he could preach.

Until yesterday.

Chris was relaxed. He was funny. He was biblically accurate. He was historically informative. He engaged the mind and the heart. He was a wordsmith.

In short, his preaching ministry was a revelation.

The second one of the day.

(Later on Monday, you can watch the message at www.gsumc.org/media)