X-Ray Launch — Diagnosis

Sometimes just looking at something isn’t enough.
Sometimes you need to look inside it.

An X-RAY allows you beneath the surface, to the places you can’t see with the naked eye.
It exposes the deeper truth; the reality of your circumstances.
It helps you know exactly what you’re dealing with, and invites a response.

On September 15th, join us as we begin a series of revealing messages, combining the results of our recent church-wide survey, as well as the powerful words of the Apostle Paul, to see just where God is leading us as a community, and to discover your own unique role in this living, breathing thing called The Church.

The Doctor will see you now.
Sept. 15:  Diagnosis
Sept. 22:  Dislocation
Sept. 29:  Satisfaction
Oct. 6:     Prognosis

Sunday.  8:30.  10.  11:30.