X Marks The Stop

Down on the bottom button bar of my computer there is a small green x.

It’s always before me. And I’m glad of that.

That x reminds me that there are some people I love dearly at this church who will receive a weekly report of any questionable places I visit on the internet.

Any YouTube video that’s over-the-top. Or under-the-bottom.

Any discussion board that discusses what ought to be kept quiet.

And of course, any site that’s targeted at the way men’s sexuality is connected to what they see more than what they feel.

This x program is reciprocal. Not only do the folks I love receive my report, I receive theirs.

So the x doesn’t mark the spot. It marks the stop. It ensures that those weekly reports are blessedly, mercifully, empty.

It’s a boundary, it’s a structure, it’s accountability. The kind of accountability that is especially important for growing spirituality.

Especially in the digital age.

What boundaries and accountabilities have you set up in your life? Where’s your little green x?