Worshipping The Song?

I posted yesterday about how much better Sing To The King worked in our worship setting than did O Praise Him.

But that got me thinking.

Because when do Sing To The King — or Marvelous Light, Glory To God, or Blessed Be Your Name — I am into it. I sing. Tap a foot. Raise a hand. Sometimes even sing in a spirit language.

But if we were to do Leaning On The Everlasting Arms? Not so much.

So: do I worship the song . . . or the God behind the song? Those songs I really like sort of fit my personal style — melodic, singable rock, with lyrics that are neither simplistic nor obscure.

The ones I don’t like are generally none of the above.

So I hope I’m worshipping the God of the song and not turning the song into a little tin god.

What about you?