Worshipping By Feeding

So yesterday we made the announcement: next Sunday, October 30, we are worshipping by feeding.


As part of our strategy of Radical Impact Projects, we will convert our Worship Center into a mass production line on Sunday morning to prepare and package over 150,000 meals that we will send to famine-ravaged Uganda.

We’re working with our partners at Stop Hunger Now.

Here’s what we showed to bring the project home:

So next Sunday, whether you come for the 8:30, 10, or 11:30 “shift” the people of Good Shepherd can expect the following . . .

Instead of rows of chairs in the Worship Center, dozens of assembly line tables;

Instead of a band leading us in praise, a gong that we will bang to mark every 1,000 meals packed;

Instead of a bulletin, ingredients for our Meals Ready To Eat;

Instead of a sermon, a hair net & gloves;

Instead of starvation, nutrition;

And instead of pity, compassion.