Without Limit 2.0

Back in February we did a series called Without Limit. Based on John 3:34 — “for God gives the Spirit without limit” — it was four weeks of focus on the person and power of the Holy Spirit.

In that series, I spoke and taught openly about praying in tongues, about expressive worship, and about the need for Spirit-filling outside of corporate worship gatherings.

The people of Good Shepherd ate it up.

We sensed they wanted more. Wanted to linger in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

So we’re expanding and enlarging on the concept: Without Limit 2.0. Here’s what it looks like:

We gave out about 2000 Without Limit car deodorizers (really!) on Easter Sunday as a series promotion.

The series will allow us to delve more deeply into the Spirit’s role and working and will give us a platform to talk about our new Corner Campus.

Because we really want to be a without limit church made up of without limit people.