Why Preaching Is Worth It

In response to The Filter Factor (see here), a Good Shepherd friend sent me this note:



Thank you for the message.  I used to watch the news in the morning and it just consumed me with anger.  And by the time I head to work I am already wound up and raging against the traffic. One day, I saw a movie about Moses and it sparked something that got me interested in reading Genesis & Exodus.  Thank God for Bluetooth!  I listen to the Bible App every morning on my way to work.  It does wonders!  It’s been six months and I’m on my second time around from Genesis to Revelation.  I can hear God talking to me more clearly and he gives me so much peace, wisdom, and discernment.  I don’t mind the traffic . . . most of the time!


Filter out the world’s never enough so you can factor in God’s always sufficient.