Why People Are Getting Baptized This Sunday Night . . .

This Sunday evening, scores of folks will Take The Plunge into the waters of baptism at Good Shepherd.


Take The Plunge


Many of them have explained to us in writing why they want to go public by getting wet.  Here are a few of the reasons:

From 8 year old: Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I am saved. I want to live for him. 

From 40 year oldI have never been baptized. I have not been ready until now. I want to physically portray to my savior, my daughter, my brothers/sisters in Christ and possibly someone who is still searching for Him what He has done and can only so for me spiritually. I am reborn. I want to go public with my declaration and commitment to Christ. 

From 16 & 15 year olds:  To make public proclamation that Christ is savior.

From 8 year old:  To be washed from sins and show that I love the Holy Spirit and God and Jesus the Son. And I want to start new. 

From 45 year old:  I love God with all of my heart and soul. I wish to show this publicly in obedience having my sins washed and starting a clean new life. 

From 24 year old:  On June 1st, 2015 I recommitted myself to the Lord. I have grown up believing in Jesus and grew up knowing that he was my Lord and Savior but I did not give my all to him. I have made a life change since a healing service on June 1st, have been going to bible studies and trying extremely hard to live my life for Jesus. I think I need to make the step to get baptized again as a adult and would love the opportunity in a group setting. 

From 29 year oldI have been going to Good Shepherd since last January where I decided to reconnect to God. I have been working on reconnecting to God by attending church, reading the bible, joining a life group, and volunteering through the church and would like to be baptized to signify my rebirth of recommitting myself to Jesus Christ. 

From a 35 year old: I have never been baptized and the bible says you should. The main reason is I believe that Jesus died for my sins and I want to take that step of public affirmation so I can walk closer with God and be a better Christian.

From a 46 year old:  To confess to all that Jesus is first in my life and now I feel that I’m ready for gods love and forgiveness. It obviously took me a long time.. 

From a 76 year old:  I have never been baptized ,I know if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth you will be saved. I think getting baptized helps to wash our sins away.Even JESUS WAS BAPTIZED. I think to show us the way it is supposed to be done.