Why Did I Ever Stop?

Each Thursday morning this fall, I teach a class called Invitation To Genesis to fifteen or so very animated people from Good Shepherd.

I taught this kind of class religiously in my early years at Good Shepherd. But for the last three years — citing “scheduling conflicts” or “I’m too busy” — I have not done so. Until this fall.

But I’m enjoying it so much I’ve got ask: “why did I ever stop?” And how in the world can I, as the pastor of this church, ever be too busy to teach the bible??

Invitation To Genesis is an excellent curriculum with strong video support. Our class conversations are lively and engaging, and every Thursday one or more of the class members says something about Genesis that I had never thought of before.

But the primary benefit of teaching the class is this: it gives me a focused, disciplined schedule for reading the bible every day. You’d think that as a preacher I do that anyway. Uh, no.

I need that schedule. I need the assignment. I even need a place to jot down notes!

How’s your discipline in cracking open the Word of Life? Do you have it internally or do you need a class with a schedule and some accountability?

I know where I am.

That’s why this spring I’ll be teaching another class on Thursday mornings — Invitation To Romans. Because there are some things you just shouldn’t stop.