When You ATTEND A Wedding But Don’t PRESIDE At It

Back on December 28, 2019 (the last decade, depending on how you count it), I attended a wedding at which I did not preside.


Eric Matras, a friend from church, married Angie Wiggins, ANOTHER friend from church.  It turns out that Eric didn’t want me to be there in official capacity, as “officiant,” but in an unofficial role, as friend.

Which I was glad to do.  (Though, to be fair, I DID sent him a text the week before the wedding that said, “I’m used to getting an honorarium when I go to weddings; can you arrange that please?”)

Anyway, it was a joy not to be “on,” an honor to represent as a friend, and a delight to see another Good Shepherd friend, Brian Lucas, actually perform the “I do”s and “I will”s.  Here’s the scene … “after a honeymoon in Cancun, the couple will reside in Charlotte.”