When The Best Ideas Stare You In The Face

Ever since we moved into our current Worship Center building in 2005, we’ve wondered how to put a Prayer Room in the facility.

We considered various classrooms, alcoves, offices, and even closets. None of them had that combination of visibility and privacy that a prayer room needs.

And then last month, inspired by my friends at Steele Creek Church of Charlotte, it hit me: put up three walls in an under-used part of our lobby, soundproof them well, decorate it tastefully, and VOILA! we’d have a Prayer Room.

And so that’s what we are doing. Here’s what the construction looks like:

And an inside view:

In retrospect, the solution to our Prayer Room Problem was staring us in the face for the last six years. It simply took some different eyes and different inspiration to see it.

Isn’t that the way it is with most of life’s issues?

With this one, at least, I’m looking forward to the opening of the Prayer Room. It will go such a long way towards helping the people of this church — and beyond — grow into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.