When People Cry

I spend last weekend in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where Julie and I attended my niece’s wedding. My niece is the daughter of my brother, the one who was recently elected a District Judge. You can read that post here.

But weddings usually make people cry.

So do funerals. Before this weekend, the last time my family got together was for the funeral for my nephew, a sad event that I posted about here.

It’s all got me thinking about the kinds of things that make me cry. Now I’m not one of those people who, as someone said, has an extra bladder between my eyes. But given the right set of circumstances and emotions, I’ll cry. Some of those:

  • Any movie scene where a child discovers his or her parents are divorcing. Or worse, realizes there is no hope that the parents will reconcile. The worst? The scene in Hope Floats where the little girl begs to go with her father and he won’t let her. Gets me every time.
  • Any other movie scene where fathers and sons reconcile . . . or tear themselves apart. I cried during I Walk The Line when Johnny Cash and his daddy couldn’t get along. My family still ridicules me for that one.
  • Reading the abuse scene in The Kite Runner.
  • Whenever I talk about my dad when I’m preaching.
  • Thinking about my pride in how my kids have turned out.

So . . . what makes you cry? Feel free to comment.