When A Friend Launches A New Venture

Claude Kayler is the founding pastor of Good Shepherd, having served it from its inception in 1991 to 1999. He is also one of my BFF Preacher Friends.

Because he built Good Shepherd on THE Good Shepherd rather than upon himself, he was a good act to follow. Many “second pastorates” are fraught with tension and failure, but because of our foundation, that was not the case way back then, when we partied (and transitioned pastoral leadership) like it was 1999.

And now he has launched a new project called Claude Kayler Coaching. He will work with pastors and church leaders to sharpen their focus, deepen their staffs and upgrade their preaching.

You can read all about it here. While on that site, make sure to click on “Blog” and read “Why Claude Kayler Coaching” to read about the circuitous events of the last 18 months or so that have led him to this place.

And if you are heading up your own ministry, and want to ensure it is built on the solid rock of Jesus rather than the sinking sand of self, I think you know where to go.