When A District Superintendent AGREES With Our Policy On Fund Raisers

Several years ago, a District Superintendent in the United Methodist Church (if you are unfamiliar with that position, it is sort of an Executive Vice President who supervises the pastors and reports to the Bishop) shared these words:

If churches would advertise the worship of God half as much as they advertise their barbeques and chicken pie suppers, a lot more people would know about Jesus.   I have been amazed at how many churches don’t have signs up about when worship services are, but, when it is time for a fundraiser, they advertise to beat the band.

Yet another reason why we don’t have Consignment Sales, Craft Fairs, or Spaghetti Suppers to raise money at Good Shepherd.


We don’t need fund raisers in church because God already gave us one that works just fine, thank you: giggling generosity when it comes to the giving basket & Sunday morning offering.

Teach that, live that, celebrate that, and your church can have freedom from the tyranny of next month’s effort to raise the money that people should be giving.