When A Creature Of Habit Goes Spontaneous

My Tuesdays are fairly predictable: they start early in the office with prayer and meetings and sermon prep and meetings, and then I leave around 5 to work out at the Y, and then back home for a quick dinner and sermon prep.

Julie travels most Tuesday, so I have this routine down pat. For whatever reason, Tuesday night on our dining room table is where a lot of sermon detail and design comes to life.

And yesterday, I was all set for my routine.

Until I saw on social media that a Good Shepherd friend’s daughter was playing in a state semi-final volleyball game at nearby Nations Ford High School. So I thought: “I can miss a workout. The sermon I’m working on is for January 5, 2020, and so it’s not exactly urgent. And, most importantly, I so rarely get to do stuff like this anymore, it will be like the good ole days of pastoring in Monroe and going to all kinds of community events.”

So that’s what I did.

What a revelation.

Not only did I get to see a bunch of people I know from church, but the athletes on both teams were stunning. Tall, powerful, and brave. I found myself cheering with clenched fist with every NAFO (yes, that’s what we insiders call it) spike. I couple of times I caught myself and was like, “this isn’t Roger Federer. What’s the deal with your enthusiasm?”

I suppose it was the contagion of a gorgeous sport played with beauty, rhythm, and skill. Or perhaps it was because these NAFO Lady Falcons won in three straight close games.

But most of, I guess, all that enthusiasm came from the fact that creatures of habit need those occasions where they become connoisseurs of spontaneity.