What The Bible DOESN’T Say

Many times, you can learn as much from what a passage of Scripture doesn’t say as from what it does.

For example, yesterday Chris Macedo and I led a teaching & worship experience in which we explored Psalm 147:1 — Praise the Lord. how good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting it is to praise him — through the lens of what it doesn’t say.

It doesn’t tell us to write our praises to God.

It doesn’t tell us to think our praises to God.

It doesn’t even tell us to draw our praises to God.

All of those are fine endeavors. They’re just not what this Scripture tells us to do.

It tells us to sing our praises to God.

So, informed by the wisdom of Mars Hill Bible Church, we explored why the command to sing. It turns out we sing because singing’s not the point.

The shared experience is the point.

Submitting to one another’s voice and tempo is the point.

Mutual submission through congregational singing is the loudest crescendo any of us will ever make.

But we wouldn’t have been as on point had we not considered what Psalm 147 doesn’t say.

You can listen to what happened here.