What Happens When Faith “Starts At Home”

One of our great goals for a living relationship with Jesus Christ is that faith will “start at home.”

Regardless of family configuration, we believe that faith begins in the home and not at the church.

And it’s a beautiful things to see when it comes to pass.

Here’s an essay written by one of our middle schoolers at Good Shepherd:

This I Believe

I believe God is the answer to everything. If you pray to him, he will most likely answer in a good way by doing something positive in your life. If you go to church and worship God, your life might improve just a tad but if you are consistent in going every week, he could greatly change your life. You might have not considered the truth, but he really helps a lot more than you think. You may not see what he is doing to help, but later in your life, you will realize it and will be forever grateful. If you truly do love and accept God into your heart, then you will have eternal life in Heaven. An example I have to back this up is about 4-5 years ago, my Mom had cancer. She is already the biggest Christan I know. But when she was diagnosed, all we did was pray and pray. A few months later, her cancer was healed and she is now a cancer survivor. My Moms Dad also died when I was 8. I wasn’t that affected by it, but we had to go to his old house everyday for about 4 hours a day for 2 weeks and sell and clean up. So my Mom just prayed and prayed for regular life again, and what did God do? He allowed people to buy the house and we ended up getting about $175 for all of his items. My family and I go to a Christian camp every year. My first year, I thought I would hate it and never want to come back. But it was the exact opposite. I loved it and I am now addicted to going. It is nothing but 2 weeks of love, joy and hope. Everyone there is so nice and after my 2nd year, I became a leader and I have gone for 7 years straight. Every time I leave, I cry and it is emotional. But the first year I left, my life was forever changed. I will always remember the camp and I will go for the rest of my life.