What Do You Do With A Small Group/Life Group Oversharer?

Whether it’s a Sunday School Class, a Bible study, a Life Group/Small Group, or even a recovery meeting, one group member poses a unique set of obstacles:  The Oversharer.

You know who I’m talking about.  People who, with good intentions and a genuine heart, share too much information too soon in a group setting.  Within ten minutes of entering a group, they’ve told both their life story and current crises.  It makes for awkward dynamics in the room and a collective wondering among most:  “who will address this?”

And usually, no one does.  Many church folk are conflict-averse (he writes, raising his hand) and hope beyond hope that the situation will resolve itself.  Which almost never happens.

So what do you do if you’re the small group/life group leader?

During the session: Deflect.  As group leader, you can kindly but firmly say, “Well, there’s a lot on your mind.  I wonder what others have to say about the lesson we’re studying?  That gets your group back on track with the content and empowers Undersharers to speak.

After the session: AddressDo not wait.  Do not hope it resolves.  Address it kindly but firmly:  “It’s so great that you’re in our group.  You gave us a lot to process tonight with all you shared.  When we meet next, I want to make sure that everyone has a chance to speak and that we build trust a little more slowly here.”

Beyond the session: Refer.  I firmly believe that many Oversharers want a LifeGroup to serve a role it is ill-equipped to do: provide personal therapy.  A hard but true reality is that some people need intense therapy alongside (if not before) small group life.  There is no shame in telling a hurting person that while a LifeGroup can provide biblical wisdom and prevailing prayer, some issues need additional, professional help.

Ultimately, you will want to help the Oversharer grow in self-awareness and establish the kind of boundaries that allow all in the group to contribute.

Especially if the Oversharer you know best is the one you see in the mirror.


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