What? ANOTHER G3 Brainstorm?

I was very excited to see these booklets around church this week.

What are they?

Host Guides for the How To Tell A Mountain From A Molehill series that runs from October 7-28.

It’s a G3 series where we invite everyone in church to grab the materials, gather friends, co-workers, or family together, and grow deeper in their living relationship with Jesus Christ through study and conversation.

We provide the curricula, the video teaching, and the hosting prompts.  All you do is gather some people who need some Jesus and grow.

We did a G3 series in February of this year called One Sixty-Seven and launched about 185 groups.  We’d love for 200 this fall.

How To Tell A Mountain From A Molehill comes from four of Jesus’ parables and digs down into our priorities.

Grab your material this Sunday!