What A Nutrageous Bar Taught Me About Salvation

One day earlier this week, I ate lunch with some friends who work at the church.

It was a quick lunch, eaten on our campus, and surrounded by the bustle of the pre-school.

But here’s what happened.  I ate my customary lunch of sliced turkey (no bread), rice, cottage cheese, and to top it all off, a Nutrageous bar.  So far, so good.

I finished my lunch and a tiny bit of socializing afterwards, and then returned to my office.

About 30 minutes after that I went into the Men’s Room and on the way out stopped by the sink to wash my hands.  Yes, you’re supposed to do that.  Anyway, while washing my hands I looked in the mirror and noticed to my horror a large brown splotch on my right cheek.

Brown pimple?  Nope.

Spontaneously generated mole?  No.

An ill-defined subcutaneous something that could only mean skin cancer?  Wrong again.

It was part of my Nutrageous bar.

And no one told me.

There I was walking around with a chocolate splotch on my face and no one told me.

Thank goodness for soap and water.

How in the world to make a religious point out of the dreaded Nutrageous-on-the-face syndrome?

Well, we’re surrounded by people who walk around with splotches, dysfunctions, brokenness all caused by . . . human sin.  We’ve all got a sin problem.  It’s genetic.

But we who name the name of Christ also recognize that his blood serves as the uniquely divine soap and water that washes our sin away.

So we can either tell them that story and the truths it contains or let them walk blindly on their way.

Which will it be?