Weekend Odds And Ends

Perhaps it was the fact that the weekend came so soon on the heels of the Labor Day holiday.

Or maybe it was because the weekend was full of both down time and up time.

Or even the fact that I spent some time getting over an infection brought on by my days at high altitude in Utah.

But it seems like a lot happened just since Friday. A sampling . . .

  • Riley’s Charlotte Christian School football team won its Friday night game 50-14 and now stand at 3-1. They were ahead 41-8 at half time and game officials mercifully had the clock run continuously throughout the second half.
  • I officiated at a wedding on Saturday afternoon.
  • Grew despondent watching Roger Federer lose to Novak Djokovic in Saturday evening’s US Open semi-final. Federer had two match points yet Djokovic came back. This was the third match Federer has lost this year after holding match point, though of course the other two didn’t hurt nearly as much as this one.
  • Decided I couldn’t quite stomach the novel I’d started so ditched it in favor of an easy-to-read sports book. See “Books I Like” to the left.
  • SMU beat UAB, 28-7.
  • Saw that Princeton’s women’s tennis team has received an NCAA reprimand. Seriously?
  • On Sunday morning, our scheduled bass player had a car wreck on the way to church. He had X-rays in the ER but was released to home. Here’s what’s doubly interesting. Chris Macedo subbed at the last minute on bass . . . yet he played the bass guitar part on a keyboard. His high tech synthesizer has a bass guitar effect, so he simply played that part while looking for all the world like he was playing keys. Amazing.
  • Launched Sacred Marriage. It’s an honor to teach on such important material.
  • You can still sign up for the Sacred Marriage Pathfinders Launch here.
  • Also started a new prayer ministry on Sunday morning called the Altar Prayer Ministry. We now have a group of trained prayer guides available for prayer and conversation at the conclusion of each service. I was glad to hear that several Good Shepherd folks took advantage of it on the very first Sunday.
  • Started something else on Sunday: Pathfinders Espanol. Our own Sammy Gonzalez now leads a Sunday morning Pathfinders group in Spanish. They had to bring in extra chairs for the first meeting. Dios le bendiga!
  • Continue to write a lot of notes to first time guests each Sunday night. Don’t know why we’ve had an uptick recently. That note writing is long but rewarding work.