Wednesday Groups & Sunday Classes

This semester, we’re dividing up our Passage classes into two different days meeting two different needs.

Wednesday nights are care-oriented classes and groups. We launch both GriefShare and Financial Peace University tonight. Considering that the bulk of my pastoral ministry involves helping people in their initial stages of grief and supporting folks through the many pressures brought on by financial hardship, I think these are two excellent choices.

Sunday nights feature four bible-oriented experiences. Staring on September 26, we offer high-level, content heavy classes such as The Bible For The Rest Of Us, The Theology Of Romans, Living Hopefully In A Shattered World (Minor Prophets), and Defending The Faith. It’s a lineup of subjects and teachers that I think can’t be beat.

We’re walking together here. Which means we’re growing together. Won’t you take the next steps on your way to spiritual maturity?

You can get more information and register for the classes here.