Wash Me! Launch — The Works

Wash Me! If cars can say it, why can’t people?

We all have areas in our lives we need cleaned up. Some people would label those places under the category of needs improvement. Others might call them sin. Still others might call them character defects.

However you refer to them, the fact remains that they hinder our connection with others and our living relationship with Jesus Christ. So we’re spending the season after Easter looking at the “how” and the “when” of our God’s ongoing offer of cleansing grace.

We believe that we will see together how the refreshing waters of baptism have an enduring place in our lives.

April 27:  The Works
May 4:     Brainwashing
May 11:   Selfie Wash
May 18:   Shame WashCaked-On Dirt
May 25:   Deluxe Wash
June 1:     Second Wash