Wake Up Call, Week 5 — Sing Spiritually

In lieu of a Top Five Tuesday (or Sermon Rewind Monday), I give you Sunday’s Sing Spiritually worship gathering from Good Shepherd.

Sing Spiritually was the culmination of Wake Up Call and was noteworthy for a number of reasons:

  • Instead of a sermon, we had a guided experience of singing & teaching, scripted and filmed by Chris Macedo and narrated by Chris Thayer.
  • The guided experience drilled down into John Wesley’s Directions Singing from the United Methodist Hymnal.
  • Yes. At Good Shepherd, the words “John Wesley” and “United Methodist Hymnal” dominated the worship hour.
  • The video teaching portion starts at 11:50 on the link.
  • I sing my first ever solo at Good Shepherd.  That’s at the 30:50 mark.