Wake Up Call Launch — “De-Weirding”

One of Good Shepherd’s core values is that we as a church are awake to the Holy Spirit.
But are we?
We sing songs about the Holy Spirit, we read Scriptures which reference him, and sometimes we even pray for his power.
But are we really awake to the power of Jesus available in, among, and through the community of people known as the church?  And if we were to find ourselves in the middle of such a move of the Spirit … would we want to stay there?  Or would we freak out?
We believe that if we’re really going to be awake to the Holy Spirit then a whole group of us need to answer a wake up call.
Here’s the series video bumper:
August 7:        De-Weirding the Holy Spirit
August 14:      Religion Rehab
August 21:      Re-Weirding
August 28:      Causes And Their Effects
September 4:  Just Plain Weird