Wait For It, Week 2 — “The Waiting Game”

Many years ago while I was pastoring in Monroe, I had a UMC preacher friend who chose the most interesting time to pump her fist and say “Yeah!”

When there was a snow-out.

In those days, that meant that the sermon you prepared for this Sunday could be delivered next Sunday when the snow had melted.  In smaller churches with fewer moving parts and no clearly defined Sermon Series, it was an easy move that alleviated the pressure of message preparation.  The sermon you prepared for the day it snowed can easily get preached one week later.


While the world and our church are considerably more complex these days and at Good Shepherd we have some pretty tight windows with series planning.  Nevertheless, when it became clear we’d have a snow out last Sunday (December 9), I knew one thing for sure:  I was GOING TO PREACH “The Waiting Game” sermon on December 16.  I would maybe sacrifice one of the other messages, but this one had to get into the series.

Its message is too urgent to skip.  More importantly, itsclosing video in which the people of Good Shepherd will minister to each each is too good to consider NOT showing.

So I’ve had to wait to deliver The Waiting Game.  But deliver it I will.  And if you know anyone in a season of pain in their lives, someone who could use some hope, this is the Sunday to invite.


8:30, 10, 11:30 at the Moss Campus.

9, 10:30 at the Zoar Campus.

11:30 en espanol with Sammy Gonzalez.