Vision Over Visibility

There is a masterful line in U2’s “Moment Of Surrender” off the new CD No Line On The Horizon:

At the moment of surrender,
of vision over visibility . . .

So vision is different than visibility. Vision sees what fog obscures. Vision turns the “not yet” into the “will be.”

As a pastor, I’ve often been asked about my “vision” for the church I serve.

Many times, I fumble around in search of an answer. I want to appear confident without being arrogant. I also want to make sure my vision is in alignment with God’s vision. And I don’t want to be one of those pastors who has a vision no one else in the congregation shares or cares about.

But I’ve had seasons where I didn’t have a vision . . . but a vision had me.

That’s certainly true of our church’s move towards “full color.” The impression that God wants us to be a place where every tribe, tongue, land, and nation gathers under one room worshipping the one true God, well, that’s a vision that has me. That worship here really would look like worship in heaven.

It’s vision over visibility. And isn’t it great when vision becomes visible?