VBS Chariot Race 2009

There I am, hard at work at Vacation Bible School.

We’re in Rome.

And you know what you do when you’re in Rome.

So we had chariot races. The cardboard was the chariot; the teenagers were the horses.

How’d we do?

Take a look:

By the way, that’s my son Riley on the chariot in the middle and our Student Ministries Pastor John Pavlovitz on the far right.
This photo was taken just as I was disembarking from my ride.
The funny thing about Vacation Bible School is the answers the children give to most of the questions:
Read your bible.
Be nice to my brothers and sisters.

Obey my parents.

Help people.
What would life be like if we all lived by those simple answers?
I guess you really can learn everything you need to know at Vacation Bible School. Too bad it took me so long to get there.