Value Of A Soul Launch — “Precious”

How much is a soul worth?

Yours?  Mine?  The one belonging to the person you don’t know and likely will never meet?

What is the ultimate value of that part of us that endures, literally, forever?

Those are some of the heavy questions we’ll address during The Value Of A Soul.  And this is one of those sermon series that will become more than a series of sermons.

You’ll have a chance to serve.  To give.  And ultimately to share.  We don’t want you simply to hear these sermons; we want you to be the sermon.

October 23:             Precious

October 30:             Priceless

November 6:           Stop Hunger Now Radical Impact Project

November 13:        In The Long Run

November 20:        The Value Of A Soul (short film Sunday)

November 27:        Value Added


Here’s the video promo: