Unhappy Campers Launch

Unhappy Campers


Many of us – maybe even most of us – have heard the story of the children of Israel passing through the waters of the Red Sea as if walking on dry land.


Moses – in our mind, played by Charlton Heston – stands boldly before the waters, they part miraculously, and the people march out of slavery in Egypt and towards the freedom of the Promised Land.


But do you know what happened next?  What awaited the people on the other side of the Red Sea?  Maybe more to the point, what kind of people did they become?


The answer:  Unhappy Campers.  We’re going to devote some summer study time to unearthing some unfamiliar Old Testament stories and marveling at the treasures they contain.


Because unhappy campers didn’t just live way back when.  We’ve got some now.  And digging into these ancient stories will help us stop wandering, start marching, and find freedom.


July 2:               Wild Blue Yonder

July 9:              Into The Wild

July 16:          Where The Wild Things Are

July 23:          The Church In The Wildwood