Unexpected Subject

So yesterday we tackled one of those subjects that churches like us usually avoid: praying in tongues.

I tried to “de-weird” something that is inherently, well, weird.

As part of the message, I told of my own journey from skepticism about tongues to pursuing it to actually receiving it to how I pray in tongues as part of the ministry at Good Shepherd.

But I believe the best part of the whole service was the spoken testimony collage at the end. Because we have many people at Good Shepherd who do pray in tongues as part of their prayer life, we made a recording of what the gift means to them. Then Chris Macedo put art and music behind it all.

Here’s what it looked like:

If that doesn’t “de-weird” it, nothing will.

Even better, it made many, many people at the church desire this expression of the Holy Spirit for themselves.