unChristian Launch

I get excited about every series we do.
Some more than others, I must admit.

unChristian is one of those.
It’s based on the provocative book of the same name. We’ll spend the next several weeks taking a close look at the image problem that Christianity and Christians have with new generations of Americans.
They look at the church and describe us with words like “hypocritical,” “judgmental,” “antihomosexual,” “sheltered.”
They see the way Christians act as having very little in common with the Christ we claim.
In short, in the eyes of much of our culture, Christian faith seems . . . unChristian.
We won’t be defensive. We won’t blame others. We’ll be honest and sober and reflective. We’ll allow “them” to teach “us” to be better Christians. To be Christian Christians.
This week: What Christians Are Famous For.
Sunday. 8:30. 10. 11:30.