Few things are more annoying than the phrase “U da man!”
Except when some guy answers with, “No, U da man!”
(Well, maybe it’s more annoying when at a golf tournament someone calls out, “Get in the hole!” . . . after a tee shot. Do you think it’s always the same guy saying the same dumb thing?)
Anyway, why would we name a Men’s Retreat after such an annoying phrase?
Because how else could we build a retreat around a great picture like the one on the left?
Yet there’s another reason.
We want to give the men of Good Shepherd an experience that moves them away from the false bravado of “U Da Man!” and into the authentic strength of being God’s man.
So on November 20-22 we’re designing an experience of men, for men, and by men. A time soaked in prayer and also filled with freedom. A weekend up at Camp Harrison in the foothills of western North Carolina — a time to escape what is false and enter into what is genuine.
I’m going to be there and so will the guys from our staff team.
To join us, just sign up here.