Two Signs Of Grace

Over the past weekend, I saw two small acts of kindness that communicated large measures of grace.

Both of them involved teenagers, and both were reminders that God is still at work in the world.

First, on Friday night as we were watching Riley’s football game — they lost a close, well-played game to their archrival, taking their record to 4-2 — I looked up and saw a father and son from our church. Now Good Shepherd is on the other side of town from Charlotte Christian, so I rarely see people from church at school.

But the man I saw is Riley’s small group leader at our BigHouse Student Ministry. Not a paid pastor, mind you, but a volunteer youth counselor. He took in on himself to drive across town on a Friday night to cheer on a student in his group.

As a parent of that teen, that kind of support is simply priceless. An act of grace.

The second thing I saw happened during the 11:30 service yesterday. We concluded our worship by celebrating Holy Communion. A large group of teenagers sat two rows behind me. In the row between us was a woman with developmental disabilities. She is a regular in worship.

Anyway, one of the teens noticed that the woman was unable to leave her seat to come up and receive communion. So, without being asked to do so, he brought the elements to her.

It was a small gesture with large meaning. It made me feel good to know students with that kind of heart and that level of insight.

To what signs of grace are your eyes open today?