Two Reports On Reveal

Last week, I posted on our Reveal Bible Class that is such an integral part of the Not A Fan series. You can read that post here.

After last night’s class, I received two more interesting reports about the experience.  Check it out:

Can I just tell you that getting into this class may be the best thing ever, and really starting to do true bible studying has now given me a new found respect for [teachers]. I never realized how many times people changed their names in the bible and I don’t know how you all keep up. All the aliases: wow! It is like the roads in Charlotte same road 7 names. Who knew? Anyway, I just wanted to let  you know I appreciate this opportunity to learn more and I am grateful to Good Shepherd for providing that for us.  

That class is awesome. Period.

I love the teaching tonite on

interpreting the Bible “literarily” instead of “literally”.

“Spare the rod, spoil the child” doesn’t mean beat your kid with a stick.

Finally. Nice departure from the dogmatic interpretations from our past.

I also really connect with the critical thinking required to identify what the

scripture meant at the time to the people of the time, and bridge that over to

what it means today. Great challenge. I already told JM all this – just wanted

to pass it on to you.

What we’re seeing here is the fruit of inviting all people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.  Fruit bearing for real lives and in real time.