Turns Out You CAN Come Home Again …

Here’s our son Riley Davis and his wife Natalie enjoying ice cream on the recently re-opened streets of Prague, Czech Republic.

They have been stationed there since last summer, working on behalf of Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade For Christ) with college students in that historic city.

The good news is that when their assignment ends in mid-summer, they will return to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where Riley was recently named the Director of Cru Ministries.  Natalie will continue to work for Cru as well, often managing to put skin and bones on Riley’s spontaneous ideas.

Riley and Natalie are both Chapel Hill grads (class of 2015) and were themselves mentored and matured through the on campus ministry of Cru.

Yep, we’re happy to have them close to home.  But more than that, we’re proud of the immense ministry gifts they both have.