Tuesday Trips

Yesterday included two events not normally on my ministry schedule:  1) a pre-school celebration for our 2s & 3s classes and 2) a high school girls’ softball game, cheering on a couple of young women from our church.

So why do I label today’s post “Tuesday Trips”?

Because both events were for me trips down memory lane.

See, I remember being the dad of pre-schoolers way back in Monroe, North Carolina — taking pictures of graduation ceremonies with our 35mm camera.

And then I remember many an afternoon spent watching our daughter play softball from elementary school all the way through her senior year in high school.

I guess what I’m saying is this: to have the memory, you’ve got to be there in the first place.

We got a lot of things wrong as parents, but through it all we placed a high premium on making memories.

Which means being there to make them.

If you’ve got young ones to day, what kind of memories are you making?

If you’re like me and yours are now grown, how often do you re-live those moments you made?

All of us are a collection of memories.  Some of them need to be healed.  Some simply need to be acknowledged.  And some need to be celebrated.

I pray you’ll spend today making the kind of memories you’ll celebrate tomorrow.