Trusting The God In Others

I had lunch with someone from the church this past week who encouraged me to “trust the God in others.”

As it turned out, the timing — and the advice — could not have been better.

Because yesterday at Good Shepherd was a first of its kind: an invitation to “salvation by grace” in all environments of the church, from the “grown ups” in the Worship Center to the students at BigHouse, and, most powerfully, the children throughout the KidVentures ministries.

Which meant that the dozens of children’s ministry volunteers — from tech support to worship leaders to drama actors to class leaders — had to be equipped in, as we Methodists say, “offering Christ” to the kids.

And then the volunteers had to be trusted to do just that.

And so they were prepared.

And so we did trust.

All morning long, the volunteers kept giving me reports of how many children gave their lives to Jesus and how empowered they as leaders felt in issuing the invitation.

So we trusted the God richly resident in our volunteers. And He came through.

Wisdom given, advice followed, God glorified.