Training Your Eyes

So what is it?

Is it an image of two people touching their palms as a sign of cooperation?

Is it a world map from the 1400s, when people really didn’t know how the continents fit together?

Is it a frowning face?

An owl’s face?

It all goes to show the importance of training your eyes.

Not just to get the “right” answers to these questions — if they even exist — but to see the world as it needs to be seen.

Spiritual leaders, especially, need to train their eyes to see what is right in the world and what is good about people.

Because it is all to easy to focus on things that are wrong and on people who are difficult.

I know it’s easy because that kind of negative focus is my natural tendency.

So through the years, I have tried to be diligent in re-training my eyes. Moving them away from cynicism and sarcasm and towards hopefulness and grace.

Because you will see what you are looking for. Every time.

And when I look for signs of God’s movement in people’s lives, when I seek out willing disciples, when I survey the landscape for moments of brilliance and beauty, that’s what I see.

I pray I’m learning to see with the eyes of a leader.

What are you seeing?