Top Five Tuesday

In my never-ending quest to keep this blog fresh — and to establish the sort of weekly routine which I crave — today is the first edition of “Top Five Tuesday”

(Notice the alliteration there? Almost like I’m Baptist!)

I’ll provide different personal “top fives” on subjects ranging from music to sports to books to theology.

I’ll start with some of my most familiar ground: my Top Five Eagles Songs Ever.

1. Take It To The Limit. Not their best song by any means, just my personal favorite even when I was 15. There really is no moment quite like Randy Meisner’s falsetto “Please!” as the song reaches its crescendo.

2. Hotel California. Yeah, I still like it.

3. The Last Resort. Long, slow, haunting, and thought provoking.

4. One Of These Nights. When I was a teenager I thought this one was, um, wimpy. Now I hear it as quite clever with impressively subtle guitar work and vocals.

5. On The Border. This one is the title song from their third album . . . but never made it as a hit. It marked a transition to a (slightly) more rock feel to their compositions.