Top Five Tuesday — Top Songs From Five (Or Seven) Artists I Like But Don’t Love

None of these folks would ever have their own Top Five Tuesday in this particular space.

Perhaps they would in yours.

And that’s the fun of the lists.

So all of the artists below have a few songs I like, maybe one or two that I love, and then the rest I greet with a meh.

Which may be sacrilegious to you.   But here goes.

Top Songs From Five (Or Seven) Artists I Like But Don’t Love.

1. Steve Miller Band.  1. Jungle Love  2. Jet Airliner  3.  Wild Mountain Honey

2. The Police.  1. Roxanne  2. King Of Pain  3. Message In A Bottle

3. Yes.  1. Roundabout  2. I’ve Seen All Good People  (By the way, are those first two really two different songs or just one really long one?  I can’t hear one without the other).  3.  Going For The One

4. REM.  1.  Man In The Moon (falls in the category of songs I love).  2.  What’s The Frequency Kenneth?  3. Everybody Hurts

5. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Sometimes Young.  1.  Wooden Ships  2.  Suite: Judy Blue Eyes  3. Teach Your Children.

6.  Elton John.  1. Your Song. 2. Madman Across The Water.  3. Funeral For A Friend

7. Van Halen.  1. Jump  2. Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love.  3. Dance The Night Away