Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Ways I Know I’m The Kind Of Person Who Wonders If “Anal Retentive” Has A Hyphen In It

Over the past week, I’ve waxed-almost-eloquent about Louie Giglio, United Methodist Bishop Melvin Talbert, John Hiatt, and the nature of Scripture.

So today, I’m returning to something much more comfortable for Top Five Tuesday:  my own indiosyncracies.

Those things that I do in the name of comfort or routine but are more likely signs of a deeper obsession.  Or compulsion.   Or disorder.

Here they are.

1.  Every morning, I put in my right contact lens first.  In fact, I have been wearing contact lenses for 36 years now and in all that time, I have never put the left lens in first.  And I have no intention of doing so now.

2.  I go to the Y four times a week.  Two of those days, I exercise those muscles that push:  tricep, chest, and shoulders.  The other two, I exercise those that pull:  bicep, back, and leg.  That’s quasi-obsessive.  Here’s where it gets scary:  on “tricep-chest-shoulders” day, I always wear white shorts with a darker shirt.  On “bicep, back, and leg” day, I always wear dark shorts with a lighter top.  No exceptions.

3.  Every Saturday night before I’m going to preach on Sunday, I write the check we’re going to give to Good Shepherd and pull out my sermon preparation and put it on the breakfast table so I can look at it while eating my breakfast.  (And the menu for that meal, of course, never changes — English muffin with honey, hard boiled eggs, and orange juice.)  If those things aren’t done the night before, I feel all out of sorts on Sunday.

4.  Lunch in the office is turkey breast (no bread), Minute Rice, cottage cheese, and a Nutrageous.  Lunch at home is turkey breast (no bread), Minute Rice, cottage cheese, and a Nutrageous.

5.  Ever since I got a new car in 2009, I’ve never let its gas tank get below 1/2 full.