Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Voices For Spoken Word (Female)

Last Tuesday, I counted down my five favorite speaking voices.  I kept it to the men, and the winners included preachers, actors, and voice-over guys.

So today, it’s the same list though limited to females. 

And let’s acknowledge the inherent difficulty that women have in developing a voice for public speaking: the voice needs to have enough depth to be resonant but not so deep that it’s masculine.

With that, here goes:

5.  Ellen Pompeo, Grey’s AnatomyGrey’s is one of my least favorite shows, but Pompeo’s voiceovers at the end of most episodes are things of beauty.

4.  Mary Carillo, Tennis Announcer.  Carillo’s extraordinary vocabulary and witty observations get delivered in a voice that still bears the slightest bit of a Queens’ accent.  In the segment below, she is teamed with Mary Jo Fernandez in the broadcast booth.

3.  Diane Sawyer, ABC News.  She sounds like she looks: sleek, professional, and very, very smart.

2.  Jodie Foster, actressI love the way she channels her inner Clarice Starling here?

1.  Kathleen Turner, actress.  Haven’t heard or seen her in a number of years, but her delivery in Romancing The Stone was a memorable mix of innocence and sophistication.