Top Five Tuesday – Top Five Unforgettable Drum Parts

This list won’t have the hardest drum-driven songs.  Nor will it have the longest drum solos (sorry, those of you longing for Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin).  I doubt it will even include work by those drummers considered by the experts to be the “best.”

It’s my blog, after all.  And my list.  So what are my five favorite songs with unforgettable drum arrangements?  I’m glad you asked.

1.  Paul Simon, The Obvious Child.  We did this with a drum line at Good Shepherd . . . because the cross really IS in the ballpark.

2.  Fleetwood Mac, Tusk.  How could a song with USC’s marching band not make this list?


3.  Led Zeppelin, Kashmir.  Of course Zeppelin made the list.  Just not with a ten minute drum solo; instead, an eight minute song with some muscular fills near the end.


4.  U2, Beautiful DayWhen the drums come in early on, it’s a beautiful thing indeed.

5. John Mellencamp with Me’Shell Ndegeocello, Wild Night.  Can you imagine this one without the drums or the duet?  I bet Van Morrison is proud.