Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things You May Not Know About India

This portion of our journey has been head-spinning, overwhelming, exhausting, and invigorating.

But enough of all that. Here are the top five things I’m noticing about India:

1. Brakes are optional when driving in India, while horns are mandatory.

2. Everywhere American pastors go here, they will be given: a) a seat of honor; b) a lei for the neck; c) a bouquet of flowers, and d) a half cocunut with a straw to drink the juice inside. And coconut juice does not taste like the coconut in an Almond Joy. Not even close.

3. Due to the effects of air pollution, heavy rain, and different construction standards than we have in the US, even new buildings look old. It’s sad to look at plaques on buildings that look as if they are 50 years old or more, only to read that they were dedicated in 2000.

4. Where’s the beef? It’s not here. Duh. Cows really are sacred. Get used to chicken & rice.

5. The caste system is never far from people’s minds, hearts, or actions.