Top Five Tuesday — Top Five Things You Just Don’t See Anymore

As I progress through my 50s, I realize there are more and more things that I USED TO SEE but just don’t anymore.

Some of these absences fill me with longing.

While others fill with gratitude.

Here they are: top five things you just don’t see anymore.

1. A music delivery system that is … tangible.  Music is all invisible these days.  Downloaded.  Streamed. Ethereal.  Here’s on ode to several good ole days.

2. An Eastern forehand with a firm writst. If I have to explain it to you, it’s not really worth it.  Others … you know exactly what I mean.  Here’s Stan Smith, who had the Easterniest of Eastern forehands.


3. Dorothy Hamill hair.  All the rage when I was in middle school. For the girls, that is.


4. A print ad heavy on copyI have a large collection of early 1970s World Tennis magazines, and the sheer number of words on the ads is stunning.  Especially when compared to today’s visuals.


5. Subdivisions without sidewalksDriving through the Charlotte area, you can easily spot neighborhoods that were developed in the 70s and 80s: they’re the ones with no sidewalks.  In this case, what you don’t see anymore fills me with gratitude for new local legislation.